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Cartoons are a superb - and affordable - way to say something in a way that people will remember.

Cartoons For Business

Cartoons can help boost your sales. A unique and relevant cartoon to illustrate an offer or accompany a newsletter will help you get noticed, and that's half the battle with any sales effort.

The button below links to a gallery with some examples of a series of cartoons I've been providing to a pub to illustrate their - very successful - monthly special offers.)

'Pub Life' Cartoons

You can also use a cartoon to illustrate aspects of what you do where a photograph wouldn't be appropriate or effective, and the cartoon greetings card remains deservedly popular as a way of keeping in touch with your customers in a way that's unique to your business.

Cartoons As Presents / Cartoon Greetings Cards

Whether you want to give a framed original as a gift or perhaps create your own truly unique greetings cards to send, cartoons can say what words and photos can't.

A unique cartoon makes a superb and totally original gift or greetings card. I will work with you to understand what you want to 'say' and how might be the best way to say it, and (using photographs as reference if needed) I will create an initial idea that, once approved, can then be developed into the finished drawing. (I can also provide the finished greetings cards and envelopes too.)

Commissioning A Cartoon:

The first step commissioning a cartoon is to get in touch to talk over what you want the cartoon for and what it should be about! It may need to be a cartoon with a joke or might be a cartoon-style illustration of something; it might be a joke without text or you might have something funny you specifically want to focus on.

I am very flexible about all aspects of a commission and I am confident that my work will delight you.
  • I am able to work from your ideas or your photos.
  • the size of the cartoon is very much to suit you and its intended use. The colour-range, too, can be specified (e.g. to fit in with an existing colour scheme).
  • the cost will depend on both the size and the complexity of the subject and I will agree this with you beforehand.
  • I do not ask for a deposit, and if you are not happy with the final cartoon then you do not have to buy it.

Contact me via email or phone 07785 532 577 / 0118 9744 272, to see how I can help.