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Drawing Lessons

Learning to draw can be a uniquely rewarding experience that can develop into a skill that will prove an excellent companion for your entire life.

With my studio as the 'classroom', I teach drawing to all ages of pupil, from complete novices to those looking to hone the talent they've developed to date.

I have a friendly, approachable prescriptive 'how to do it' style of teaching, so I can equip my pupils to go on and develop in future years. I will create a series of lessons for you to a programme that's tailored to your experience and interests.

My most popular drawing lessons are:

* 'Basic Skills'

This is a half day or evening lesson (approx. 3hrs), intended as a general introduction for the novice or near-novice, with a maximum of two-to-one teaching. I cover all the basic things you need to be aware of to begin to learn to draw successfully, concluding with some 'homework' that will help you develop further. Cost: £30.00

* 'A Drawing Project'

This is a one-day (or two half day) course (approx. 6hrs), where we work closely together (on a one-to-one basis) to produce a finished picture. This is a concentrated time and best suits those who have some basic experience of drawing. As the project develops you will learn about techniques of transferring subjects from photos to drawings, basic materials, drawing techniques, variations of shading, composition, and presentation. Cost: £90.00

Also very popular are:

* Drawing Lesson Gift Vouchers

If you would like to give either of the above drawing lessons as a gift, I offer Gift Vouchers for sale via our online shop.


Follow-Up Lessons

If you have had an introductory lesson or project with me and would like to continue to develop your skills with my help, then we can arrange to work together in my studio on a regular basis.

I've found this is a very practical and effective way of improving a pupil's abilities, where you work on your piece(s) while I work on mine, with me on hand at all times to guide you, solve problems and answer any questions. Price by arrangement - contact me to discuss what you would like to do.

Arranging Lessons

As I am a full time artist I can generally arrange a time that will suit you - day time or evening, and the precise format of the lesson or lessons can be tailored to suit you too.

Informal And Relaxed Learning

Working with me in my studio is a relaxed and informal time in a relaxed and peaceful environment. With just the birds on the feeder outside the window as distractions, the hours just slip by - enjoyably and rewardingly.

Drawing Lessons