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Whether you'd like to commission a specific new work or buy an original from my gallery, contact me to discuss how I can help.

Oil Paintings

I always have a range of original oil paintings and prints for sale, and I am also available for commissions.

To own an original oil painting is very special.

Working in oil provides the ultimate flexibility for the artist and for you, the art buyer, a painting that is unique in all aspects and which can last hundreds of years if cared for properly.

There are almost infinite variations in technique when working in oil. Pictures can be very finely detailed or much more loosely defined. The paint can show life in its own right as you can see brush strokes and textures. The colours offer unparalleled range and intensity, and being mixed especially for that picture, are unique to each painting.

Gallery / Work for sale

I am very flexible in my work but, of course, I do have a style! Please browse my Gallery for examples.


The original oil paintings that I currently have for sale are all on show in my online Shop. Prices for original oil paintings start at just £200 (plus P&P and framing if required).

Original Oil Paintings
Original Oil Paintings
Commissioning An Oil Painting:

The most important stage of any commission is for us to talk over what you want the picture to achieve for you.

In the first instance, email me to outline the picture you are thinking about and from there we can arrange to talk to see how your ideas might be made into reality. Some things to bear in mind:

  • the prices of commissions do not vary hugely from buying originals from my gallery. No deposit is required. If you are not happy with the final picture then you do not have to buy it.
  • whether you just have mental image of a picture or if you have a photo that you would like interpreting, I will work with you to bring your ideas to life.
  • the size of the picture is very much to suit you and the colour-range, too, can be specified (to fit in with an existing decor, for example).
  • the cost depends on the size and the complexity of the subject and I will agree this with you beforehand. Prices for a commission start from just £200.

Original Oil Paintings