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How To Commission A Portrait

Commissioning a portrait of a pet is easy. Just follow these steps. If at any time you have a question that I've not answered, just get in touch!

1. As you browse through my gallery decide whether you prefer coloured charcoal, coloured pencil, or graphite pencil. This is a totally subjective choice, and the most important step. Graphite portraits (A4 size) cost just £90 mounted in a cream coloured mount; coloured pencil or charcoal portraits (A4 size) are £115 (also in a cream coloured mount). Oil on canvas is also available from £450 unframed; size by discussion. All prices are plus P&P, which is charged at cost.

2. Decide on the pose you want and take a photograph of the animal in the pose. (See the additional section on photography). Take further shots at different angles to provide further details for me.

3. I am available to take the photographs for you, but I do have to make a charge for this. Please contact me to discuss this.

4. Email or post the photographs to me and add the following details:-

  • Name, address, contact telephone numbers and email address. Also, your preferred method and time of contact
  • Name of animal.
  • Delivery date required. Two weeks is the normal delivery time but often a quicker time can be agreed for special occasions.
  • NOTE: Warn me if this is a surprise present for someone who may answer a contact enquiry. For example, if the portrait is for a partner you don’t want me to ring and leave a message about a portrait and ruin the surprise!
  • It is also very helpful if you can tell me how you found me – it helps me measure the success of my advertising.

5. Once the drawing is complete I will contact you and arrange a viewing – either in person or electronically.

6. If you are happy with the portrait then payment, cash, credit/debit card, cheque or bank transfer, is made and delivery made. If more convenient viewing, delivery and payment can happen at the same time. If you are not pleased with the result then you have no obligation to pay any monies.

Important Notes:
  • A portrait is normally head and shoulders; other poses including full body can be accommodated by negotiation.
  • Similarly, additional animals can be added although there is an additional cost. Again, please contact me to discuss this.
  • For multiple portraits the animals do not have to be photographed posed together. Simply supply a photograph of each animal in the pose you like and I will compose them in one picture.
  • Further information will be required for multiple portraits – not least dimensions - and these will be agreed between us.


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